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The BEST Workout Program For STRENGTH (Program Walkthrough)

fitness programs workout Jul 24, 2022

In this video, I give you a sneak peak into my awesome upper/lower split which I call "The Juggernaut". This intermediate workout program is designed to develop your strength and hypertrophy. It utilizes a scientifically-backed periodization structure allowing you to break plateaus and push your 1RM higher than ever before. I have placed many of my clients on this exact strength program and the results are astounding.

The strength focused workout program begins with high frequency and low intensity during the first two weeks, moderate intensity and reduced frequency during the next two weeks, and a max out phase on week five.

I have spent years perfecting this program, and even more time perfecting the spreadsheet. All that's left is making the spreadsheet aesthetically pleasing. On the spreadsheet, you can customize your program with the exercise selector. Once you choose your preferred exercises, you input your estimated 1 rep max for each exercise. If you don't know your 1 rep max, I put in a handy dandy 1 rep max calculator that took me nearly a lifetime to create *not really (trying to figure out how to formulate the spreadsheet calculations was a nightmare).

Once your program is customized and the maxes are set, the program will autofill your weight requirements. Lifting the weight displayed is a requirement for the primary lifts in order to progress. If you can't hit the required weight, then you need to drop your 1 rep max. The secondary lifts autofill the recommended weight to lift, based upon your current capability (lifting the recommended weight in these secondary lifts is not a requirement due to fatigue from the primary lifts). Tertiary hypertrophy work is put in for those that need a little extra pump, but not required if you know your body needs a break.




Lifting Straps 

Resistance Bands 

My Bench 

Grip Chalk 

Interval Timer 

Knee Sleeves 

My Bar Pad 

Speed Jump Rope 

Wedge For Easy Plate Loading/Unloading 

Barbell Collars 

Deadlift Shin Guards 

Wrist Support


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